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Erickson bicycles have been hand-built in Seattle, Washington since 1973. Each bike is built made-to-order, fully custom right down to the components you choose. There are three styles of construction methods: lugged, fillet brazed, or lugged lugless.

The purchase of an Erickson includes a fitting to make sure your bike is made exactly for you. Once we have your numbers, ordering is as easy as choosing a construction method, a componet set, and a paint job. Our attention to detail and high quality building standards will provide you with a bicycle you can love for a lifetime!

Lugged Frames

Lugged construction has what many consider to be a “classic” look. The steel tubing of the bicycle is inserted into a socket-like sleeve called a lug, then brazed together to create a strong seam. Erickson bicycles are known for their elaborate lugs- you can see some of the different styles in the gallery below.

Red and Chrome Lugged Biike

Fillet Braze

Fillet Brazed construction uses brass to create a fillet (French for “ribbon”, pronounced FILL-it) that holds the steel tubing of the bicycle together. This creates the look of a “one-piece” bicycle since the joints are carefully filed smooth after welding.

Red fillet brazed frame with stainless high polish buckles

Lugged Luggless

Lugged Lugless construction creates the look of lugs without using full lugs, and allowing for highly customized frame geometry. The steel tubing is held together by a combination of welding and brazing partial lugs, and often fillet brazing is used to create the smooth appearance you see in the picture below.

purple and purple lugged lugless seat collar
Red and Chrome Erickson Gallery
Green and White Erickson Gallery
Tom's Erickson
Green and Chrome Erickson Dropout
Blue and Chrome Erickson Gallery
Red and Black Lugged Lugless Erickson Gallery
Fillet Brazed Erickson Tandem with Chrome squid
Chrome Lugged Erickson with Vines
Glenn Erickson building Gallery
Glenn Erickson building Gallery
Order The Bike of your Dreams becomes a Reality Ready to order your very own Erickson bike? If you happen to be in or around Seattle, set up an appointment to come by for a custom fitting. If you are one of our many out of state customers, don’t worry, we can still get you the perfect fit! Contact us by Email or Phone - (206) 527-4822 - to start the process, or read more about the ordering process at R+E Cycles.
Tours Where will your Erickson take you? Erickson Cycle Tours are led by a team of cycling enthusiasts that have extensive experience in European cycling tours. The rides are fully supported and include route options each day for as much or as little challenge as you desire. Accomodations are carefully selected to highlight the unique character of the region as well as to provide comfort after long days of riding and secure overnight bicycle storage. For detailed information and upcoming tour information, go to Erickson Cycle Tours.